A project was recently launched to create a 21st Century replica of the famous Portland Vase. The project was the result of a conversation between Ian Dury and myself. The original Portland Vase was made of cameo glass and dated from about 30-20 BC.

The ‘Stourbridge Twenty Twelve Portland Vase’ saw us undertake a replica of one of the most important pieces of glass in history; The Portland Vase. What made the project even more significant as it was in celebration of 400 years of glassmaking in Stourbridge. The project even gained the support of Dr Paul Roberts from the British Museum.

The last person to create a replica in Stourbridge was John Northwood back in 1874. In 1873 Northwood was approached by Phillip Pargeter, owner of the Red House Glass Works in Wordsley, about the possibility of making a reproduction of the famous Roman Portland Vase. Pargeter was responsible for producing the blank with Northwood then tasked with carving the intricate design.

All the workhas been carried out on site at Ruskin Glass Centre for visitors to witness. The glass used was sourced from Plowden & Thompson, the Cameo blank was then blown by the expert glass maker Richard Golding then finally I had the pleasure and privilege to engrave the piece.